Sacramento Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Reviews

“Dr. Carpenter is one of those rare doctors who actually takes the time to really listen and investigate your medical history. I didn’t feel rushed through the appointment, he listened attentively while expressing empathy for my conditions. That helped me to have complete confidence that he understood my conditions and could treat them effectively. It’s rare to find a doctor that really cares about you as a person. He was also able to provide me with hope for improvement when I was beginning to wonder if there was any. I am extremely grateful for his understanding and knowledge. I have highly recommended him to several friends and family.” –J.J.

“Dr. Carpenter really knows his stuff when it comes to Hormone Replacement. He has a great office. Dr. Carpenter is a very nice doctor that takes time to listen to his patients. Dr. Carpenter treats the patient as a whole and not just a bunch of pieces.” –J.R.

“Two years ago I was a vibrant, sharp, energetic attorney. Slowly, thyroid disease and the stressors of life started to impact my health and I found myself on a long road with endless stops in an attempt to get back to normal. Prior to visiting Dr. Carpenter, I had seen at least 20 health practitioners. One was a world-famous endocrinologist in San Francisco who didn’t take insurance and charged $800 for the first 45 minute visit. I saw naturopaths and MDs, chiropractors and acupuncturists. All had theories and felt certain that their approach would be the one that would ‘cure’ me. I came to Dr. Carpenter a bit of a skeptic; but his approach has made me a convert. I believe Dr. Carpenter practices medicine the way it is meant to be practiced: full of patience, empathy, and a willingness to be creative in addressing each patient’s individual health needs. Compared to other doctors, Dr. Carpenter’s fees are very reasonable and the amount of time he spends committed to your visit, collecting all of the pieces of your story, is remarkable. I spent a year and a half spinning my wheels, and within only a few months of being treated by Dr. Carpenter I am finally seeing real progress.” –G.U.

“Dr. Carpenter is someone to whom I would not hesitate to send my mom or wife–in fact he helps care for both of them. What higher form of praise can you show a physician besides trusting your dearest to his/her care! Need I say more?” –J.O.

“I absolutely love Dr. Carpenter, as he is the only doctor that really understood what was going on with me and the only doctor who has been able to help me. Dr. Carpenter takes a whole body approach, unlike the medical systems that we are subjected to..that have one doctor for thyroid, another doctor for your perimenopause, and another doctor for your hormone imbalances.

Within the first visit with Dr. Carpenter, he knew my life history and knew exactly what treatments were needed, but of course, he verified his diagnosis with lab work. Within 2 months of my first visit with him, I lost 13 lbs, found my energy and zest of life that had left me for over 2 years. He helped bring my life back to how I felt when I was forty, by getting my hormones and digestive problems under control. He is sincere, knowledgeable and has trained in both eastern and western medicine, bringing an integrated approach to healing. I highly recommend Dr. Carpenter.” – T. H.