Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sacramento Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Charles Carpenter, M.D. of The Sacramento Center for Health and Healing incorporates Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into his Functional Medicine approach. He looks at the whole person when developing a treatment plan, and for patients suffering from hormonal imbalances he often uses Bioidentical Hormones to alleviate symptoms. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can reduce or eliminate symptoms and conditions that are related to hormonal decline, and during the process of improving a person’s health it can also prevent many age related diseases.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can provide numerous benefits, and some of these benefits may include:

Improved Brain Health

Estrogen affects many functions in the brain, and it works to protect the brain from deterioration. One of the ways it protects the brain is that it serves as a natural antioxidant. It may also help the brain to maintain memory, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and decrease depression.

Improved Memory and Mental Cognition

When toxins accumulate in the brain due to estrogen deficiency, it may cause symptoms of feeling foggy and reducing memory. Forgetting where the car was parked, a person’s name, or how to spell a word are examples of how estrogen deficiency can affect the brain.

Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

Natural progesterone can reduce estrogen dominance by balancing estrogen and decreasing the stimulating effect that estrogen has on breast tissue. Progesterone may actually slow down cell division in the breast ducts. In this way, bioidentical progesterone can provide a line of defense against breast cancer, and it may alleviate the need for more dangerous prescription drugs.

Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

When progesterone is balanced with estrogen, it can protect against prostate cancer. Because it helps to strengthen the immune system, it can reduce the risk of illness and other diseases.

Healthier Moods

Estrogen helps to raise levels of endorphins, which help to elevate moods. Estrogen and progesterone can also increase GABA receptors, which transmit feelings of calmness. Without healthy amounts of estrogen, a person may experience increased anger, anxiety, depression, and sadness.

Improved Sexual Function

In women, hormone decline or imbalance can lead to vaginal dryness, inability to climax, and low libido. While these symptoms can occur at any time, they are most common during the times of perimenopause and menopause. In men, signs of low testosterone can begin with a lack of desire for sexual activity, which is followed with a loss of involuntary morning erections. Eventually, reduced testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Progesterone, testosterone and estrogen can keep bones healthy by helping with the absorption of calcium, zinc, and magnesium, and if the bones cannot take in the needed minerals, they can become brittle and porous. Balanced hormones can help prevent osteoporosis.

Charles Carpenter, M.D. of the Sacramento Center for Health and Healing has helped many women and men to alleviate the symptoms of hormone imbalances and potentially prevent age related diseases. Countless patients have experienced an improved quality of life after receiving Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Contact Sacramento Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Charles Carpenter, M.D. at the Sacramento Center for Health and Healing in Sacramento, California today to learn more about the benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy!